Imagine yourself boarding to go for your next honeymoon destination right from the reception till each hotel floors

A contemporary mixed of minimalist-styled and had a cool/hip design to it that made it a little more fun than your typical hotel room. "Nice small boutique hotel with OUTSTANDING service - a very pleasant stay" 

Theme floor

  • 2nd Floor - Japanese Theme
  • 3rd Floor - Chinese Theme
  • 4th Floor - Parisian and European Theme
  • 5th Floor - American New York Theme
  • 6th Floor - Korean Theme
  • 7th Floor - Wild Wild West Theme
  • 8th Floor - Caribbean Theme


Superior Room

Appreciated by single or couples travelers. The 20 square metres area incorporates king-sized bed and twin bed, shower room, television and fridge.


Deluxe Room

En-suite with a large room only king-sized bed and bathroom with a shower and bathtub, 24 square metres, and a private balcony provides the view of Patong's City.


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